We pride ourselves on helping you build the best audio system you can. We have made the decision to bring great car audio products straight to you, without the middle man. This allows us to offer great products at unbelievable prices. We don't just take off-the-shelf product and throw a label on it. We research and develop our products to be of the highest quality for the best price

SoundQubed was formed to provide high quality audio products direct to you, the enthusiasts. We set out on this path in 2002 to develop products specifically designed for the self-builder.

  1. high performance
  2. long-term durability
  3. reasonable price

Sound3  |  a.k.a Sound to the third power   |  a.k.a. SoundQubed

We are not out to exploit the latest and greatest marketing fad, or to find the cheapest suppliers with the nicest chrome frilliness. We design the best sounding, heavy duty, hard hitting combination of products available direct to the self taught audio enthusiast. If no-compromise raw components were available to those willing to put in the time and effort, combined with some key knowledge, dream systems are merely a planning effort away. SoundQubed is here to provide these key components, and to make high quality audio available to those willing to roll up their sleeves and get to it.

SoundQubed subwoofers come with a TWO year manufacturers defect warranty and a ONE year manufacturers defect warranty on amplifiers. We also offer a modification program in case you need to change sub sizes or impedance. *This does include trading up in series ie: You can go from a 10" to a 12" but not from an HDC3-HDC4

We're here to talk to you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Give us a call.


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