Cone Updates Part 1

Posted by SoundQubed on 1/26/2017 to Product News
Cone Updates Part 1

As we transition to the upgraded HDS2.1 and HDS3.1 models we will also transition to green stitching on the HDC3 and HDC4 cones. We will start by rolling out the recones for the HDC3 15" and 18" cones. Once inventory for the 10" and 12" cones cycle through we will replenish with green stitched cones. This goes for every series including HDS2's, HDS3's and HDC4's.  In the coming months there will be more changes to the Heavy Duty Competition Series 18" cones to improve stability. We will address these changes in Part 2.

As far as woofers, we will start updating the stitching on them as well. Currently the only woofer that will have green stitching within the next month is the HDC3.115-D1 so if you are needing silver stitching we urge you to purchase the woofers you need sooner than later if you are wanting to match them. We definitely understand change is hard and this transition may effect some of the bigger builds so please contact us with any concerns you may have. This change is to make SoundQubed a more uniform brand and comes at the recommendations of Qubers like yourself.


SoundQubed Staff.

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