The Heavy Duty Street Series 200 are 2.5" coil woofers boasting a power handling of 600W RMS and peak power of 1200W.

In SoundQubed's quest to provide the Most Bang for your Buck in car audio we are proud to introduce the next generation of SoundQubed woofers. With the release of the new HDS and HDC woofers we were able to do the unheard of. We made our product line-up better, while we made our prices lower! Plus, all woofers now ship FREE!

The design of the new line-up was based on direct feedback from our customers coupled with extensive in-house testing. We will offer two classes of woofers; Heavy Duty Street (HDS) and Heavy Duty Competition (HDC). Both classes of woofers have been optimized for their intended purpose, and that's Heavy Duty Bass whether you're in or out of the competition lanes.

The HDS is our lower power handling class of sub-woofers, however they're anything but an entry level product. If you need a sub the can produce panel flexing bass without needing a suspension sagging charging system and amp rack then HDS woofers were made for you.

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