HDS310 Dual 2

HDS310 Dual 2

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The Heavy Duty Street Series 300 are 3.0" coil woofers boasting a power handling of 1200W RMS and peak power of 2400W.

Built with the best parts attainable on the market we give you the NEW HDS Series.
The HDS3 Series is one of the best values in the SQ subwoofer lineup. These subs are truly designed for heavy duty street bass. Every design feature was tweaked to give you the ultimate high efficiency/ high output subwoofer.

Features Include: 
  • 2 Ohm Dual Voice Coil
  • Vented back-plate for optimal cooling and less turbulence in the coil gap. 
  • 3.0" diameter four-layer copper coil.
  • Heavy Duty push connectors for ease of install. (Accepts up to 10awg speaker wire)
  • Cast Frame.
  • Black electroplated top and bottom plates for additional  cooling. 
  • Non-pressed cone for maximum rigidity. 
  • High excursion foam surround. 
  • Power Handling 1200W RMS, 2400W Peak.
  • Available in Dual 2 and Dual 4 ohm configuration.

Model HDS310
Woofer Size 10"
F(s) 37.68 Hz
7.06 Ohms
76.00 Ohms
Q(ms) 5.231
Q(es) 0.536
Q(ts) 0.486
V(as) 9.340 liters (0.330^ft)
L(e) 8.74 mH
n(0) 0.09 %
282.10 grams
0.09 mm/N
Sensitivity 1W/1m 81.59 1W/1m
BL 29.67
Xmax (Peak to Peak) 28mm
Magnet Weight 145oz
Coil Diameter 3.0"
Coil Length 40mm
Usable Throw 28mm
RMS Power 1200W
Peak Power 2400W
Mounting Depth 7.5"
Circle Cutout 9.25"
Outer Diameter W/Gasket
PLEASE READ: In the pursuit of offering the best in DIY car Audio we ask that you read about clipping, what causes it and what the outcome is. 
5 Stars
I opened the box , smelled the CA glue and my eyes got wide. They packaged it so well. One of the beefiest 10's I've owned hands down. Haven't got on power yet but when i do i know it will perform. Nice and stiff. Best $150 i have ever spent on a sub will be buying another.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. on 3/25/2015
5 Stars
Best subs I've ever owned
Two of these subs flex the windshield in my xb. I plan on buying two more of these beasts.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Grandville, mi. on 5/18/2014
5 Stars
(2) HDS310 D4
Just got to put my two 10's in my car about a week ago. Currently, they are wired at 4ohms on the Q1 2200D amp. Specs for the amp indicate that at 4ohms, it puts out 400rms. In the correct box, these subs SLAM even with only giving about 200rms to each! So far, the friend who built my box feels like he's going to have to step his game up, two other friends think my setup is almost even with one of their's, a cop that pulled us over said, "god! that's loud! sheesh!", another friend said, "daaaang! what do you have?" and then said, "whaaat!!?" when I told him it was two 10's on 400rms total. I can only imagine what these subs can do when wired at 1ohm and at their full potential. Love these subs. Don't underestimate them by their affordable price!
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 5/2/2014
5 Stars
Day 1 Impression
Holy S!!!! I have been running dozens of single and dual sub set ups for years and this thing is top 3 in performance and #1 in value! AND ITS DAY 1 of installing it!!! cant wait to break it in....Have 1 10 running on 1 ohm and getting about 1300watts rms from a RF amp and it HAMMERS and sounds GREAT doing it! I pushed it more than I should have but no smells or anything from it. I have an Ampere AA 12 inch that "handles" 1500w and it gets a little overworked smell after a minute full bore, not this little beast! I will be turning it down to break in over the next week or 2 but I am impressed. The suspension is so tight right now and it still performs awesome. I had a HDC 310 that I was impressed with as well but for the money savings - the HDS is way to go. Well done SQ!
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Reviewed by:  from Bridgewater. on 10/20/2016
5 Stars
Finally found enough watts to make this sub rock. I used some remixed tracks from my pc on a JVC head unit. Too the point...this thing is a beast. I bought the HDS310 with dual 2 ohm coils. After several attempts at finding enough watts to push this thing. Whew...tracks with 20...30..and 40hz on up enhanced bass will make your eyes flutter, make your voice flutter, not too mention your ears. I am old school but have moved up to the new stuff because they just don't make a speaker that would do this at this price or triple this price....if I can get this out of a 10...I cant wait to try a pair of 15s. Soundquebed is the way to go..get it while you can...this stuff is going to go up in price...
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Reviewed by:  from Victoria TX. on 3/11/2015
5 Stars
Greatest Subwoofers for the price!
Purchased ONE of these and built into a custom box according to SoundQubed specs (~1.25 cubic feet [including sub displacement and port displacement]) that fit into my 2012 Camaro 2LT that came installed with the upgraded Boston Acoustics 9-speaker system. The stock bass was decent, and hit a wide range of frequencies (from around 50Hz to 100Hz+) but lacked a 'punch' (as most Boston Acoustics do). Bought a dual-voice coil 2-ohm and wired parallel down to 1-ohm and combined with the SoundQubed Q1-1200D amplifier (that is 1-ohm stable) and am pushing 1,200 watts RMS to them with the gain about 1/2 way up, and all I have to say is that I will NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING ELSE FOR ANY FUTURE CAR AUDIO INSTALLATION UNLESS IT IS SOUNDQUBED. Being a 10" in a ported box it does help hit lower end bass notes (~30Hz) but not as low as a 12" would hit. I chose a 10" because of trunk space limitations and I still wanted to retain half of my trunk for misc. items to place in there. Needless to say, combined with the Boston Acoustics 9-speaker system, this ONE 10" is AMAZING. If I could rate this above 5 stars I would give it a solid 7 or 8. If you are on the fence regarding the low cost, take it from me. My friends always ask if I've got two 12s in the back and the feeling I get when I show them my single 10" is unexplainable. If you're on a budget around $500-$700 and want an impeccable subwoofer/amp combo, love a sub with a huge range of frequency response, and want a punch (unlike Kicker that overpowers the vocals and instrument frequencies) then don't even give it a second thought. Buy this sub RIGHT NOW. I will never regret purchasing this. I will eventually upgrade to possibly two 10s and wire to a Q1-2200D, but until then I have more than satisfied with my purchase.
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Reviewed by:  from Arkansas. on 8/29/2014
4 Stars
Good product, 4th overall item I bought from them. It slams, but came with one of the terminals detached from the frame. Didn't return it as to not waste time. Good product overall, but QC needs to catch this kind of stuff.
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Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles. on 8/12/2014
5 Stars
So they come out of a well packaged box, just like you want. Heavy as hell, beffy and suspension is TIGHT! Take your time to loosen the suspension and before you know it, it's hitting lower than any 10 you've ever heard. For 150 bucks you will NEVER find a better option. Period.
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Reviewed by:  from plano. on 7/27/2014
5 Stars
Great sub
Great sub have one in my truck and it slams.
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Reviewed by:  from Louisiana. on 3/2/2015

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