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Q1-2200.2 Amplifier

Part Number Q1-2200.2
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Q1-2200.2 Amplifier
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Our Q1-2200.2 amplifier is the BIG BROTHER TO THE Q1-1200D with the same great design features but with more of the power producing GOOD STUFF to give you 2200 watts of CLEAN UNCLIPPED POWER @ 1% THD.The Q1-2200D is the perfect match for a pair of our HDC3 series subwoofers in a Daily Driver Application. If you want to do a little showing off or burping at competitions use a single Q1-2200.2 per sub.Now if you are a “HARDCORE COMPETITOR” and want to really push those HDC3’s link a pair of the Q1-2200.2’s to a single HDC3 or any other subwoofer of your choice for competition and you’re in for some fun and maybe some smoke from your subs if you’re not careful. If you burn a coil or fold a cone don’t say we didn’t warn you. (We do not warranty burnt or open coils or competition use of subwoofers and amplifiers)
  • The Q1-2200.2 is fully stable down to one ohm.
  • Daisy Chain connection of two Q1-2200.2's stable down to two ohms
  • Four way protection circuits: Speaker shorts, DC offset, High/Low voltage, Thermal protection
  • High current MOSFET switching devices
  • 24db/oct slope crossovers, Fully adjustable Low Pass Filter and Subsonic Filter
  • Remote Gain Knob Included
Digital Monoblock 1 ohm stable
Input Sensitivity0.2v-8v
Variable Low Pass Filter20Hz-200Hz @ 24dB/Oct
Subsonic Filter10Hz-50Hz @ 24dB/Oct
Output Master / Input Slave, 2 amps linkable connectionYes
Clipping Display LedYes
Signal to Noise Ratio90dB
External Fuse Rating200 Amps, 400 Amps Linked
Tested Voltage14.4V
4 ohm power @ 12V @ 1% THD770W x 1 @ 4ohm
1 ohm power @ 14.4V
2300W x 1 @ 1ohm
1 ohm Power @ 16V2450W @ 1ohm
2 ohm Linked Power @ 14.4V @ 1% THD4600W @ 2ohm

Product Specifications subject to change without notice.
 WILL NOT STRAP with the Q1-2200.1.
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Rating bang !
Purchased this amp 5 months ago To push my 3- 12" jl audio w6's.Tired of waiting to get my high output alternator, i decided to wire to 6 ohms so i could at least start bassin' without any harmful electrical issues. I've installed 2/0 welding cable for my amp and big 3. The power inputs accepted this without a problem. All i can say is "WOW" !!!!!!! my system is really loud for 3-12's wired at 6 ohms. Absolutely 0 voltage drop on a stock alt. Can't wait to get my high output alternator so i can wire lower and get even more unbelievable power out of this beast. I do not regret my decision to go with this soundqubed amplifier. My whole dash and steering wheel shakes ,even from a sealed enclosure. Soundqubed all day long !!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from jefferson,Louisiana . on 12/30/2015
Rating #teamsoundqubed
These amps are BAD ASS!!!! Ive always been a huge advocate of "you dont have to spend a ton of money to get big sound" and man i tell you, these products gets the job done!!! The products are sooo good that the first box i wired them in, literly split in half!! NO JOKE!!! I HAVE PICS TO PROVE!! It was a probox that of course was rhino lined and that did nothing to keep the box in tact!!
  Reviewed by:   from texas. on 12/20/2015
Rating soubdqube strapped 2200.2
I purchased 2 2200.2 strapped them together on 2 dd 9518s. All I have to say is unbelievable. And customer service was fantastic.
  Reviewed by:   from florida. on 9/16/2015
Rating Thunder in a box!
I used to run a CT Sounds 1400.1 before selling that one for this one. I think my previous amp was defective, would start to clip at 70-80% volume even when properly tuned with a DD-1. This one's clip light indicator is pretty much dead on with a DD-1's results, except on those extreme beats or super super low notes (play some Psyph Morrison - Want It I Got It, and you'll see what I mean). Life story aside, this amp is a BEAST! I run two HDS312 on it and even though it's underpowering them, it still makes my steering wheel flex and windshield/roof as well! I have a broken back window clip thanks to these, and several broken clips in the back hatch as well. This amp is very efficient, I have a Mechman 240 amp alternator with two Duralast Platinum batts and absolutely no light dimming even at full crank. My CT Sounds amp dimmed my lights and didn't get anywhere near this loud (again I think it was just a defective amp, no beef with CT Sounds!) I can play it for an hour straight on the bassiest songs I have at near full tilt and it will just get a little warm to the touch, proving how efficient it is! My next amp is definitely gonna be the Q1-4500D, just a battery upgrade and I'm set! I was recommended this brand by the guy who built my box and does most of my car audio work for me and now I see why he feels that way! SoundQubed FTW!
  Reviewed by:   from TX. on 8/5/2015
Rating Unbelievable!!
This amp is beast. I'm running 2 hdc3 10s on this bad boy and the amount of power this amp puts out is simply amazing. What has surprised me the most is that this amp just does not seem to get hot. I usually bump pretty hard for about 30 min at a time on my way to and from work and it just does not get hot. Absolutely worth every penny. I highly recommend this amp. Thank you SQ for your awesome products.
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 6/11/2015
Rating Fantastic Purchase
I've got two of these powering 2 Fi BL 18's in a 2012 Dodge Durango, and they absolutely slap. I played them for about 20 minutes and the dome fixture which contained my sunglasses holder was completely destroyed. The amps are beastly no question about it, I would definitely invest in these again or perhaps the 4500. God knows how much of a monster that thing is.
  Reviewed by:   from Orlando, FL. on 5/25/2015
Rating Exceeds expectations, very pleased
I've been very happy with the amp. I liked the improved look. The inputs are clearly marked. The adjustments are easily made. I appreciate the allen wrenches being included. Though I only use the remote gain knob to keep an on the clipping indicator light, it seems to be fairly accurate. I competed this weekend with this amp on a single 12" HDC3 and did a 145.5 sealed at the dash. It does great power and stays cool during daily listening. I couldn't be happier.
  Reviewed by:   from NY. on 5/18/2015
Rating sharky is out of his mind.
sharky in brain dead, sq amp and sub are great. love mine and getting more. plans 3 more hdc3 15" in a wall with 2 sq 2200.2 amps.
  Reviewed by:   from edgewood, md. on 3/9/2015
Rating Wow
Guy under me is an idiot and has ZERO experience with AQ/SQ amps. Ive had 6. Best bang for you buck amps out there.
  Reviewed by:   from Jacksonville FL. on 3/7/2015
Rating basshead
look up hifoncis vs. soundqubed. now they changed thier volt specs
  Reviewed by:   from oakland,ca. on 3/7/2015
Rating music junkie
this thing is a mother of violence!!! it pounds my subs like no other amp i know!! pure clean power, subdued looks, excellent amplifier! Id buy it all over again if i had to. zero buyers remorse
  Reviewed by:   from the void of the midwest aka south dakota. on 2/27/2015
Rating great product
This is the best amp I have ever owned. You won't be disappointed when it. I have this amp hooked up to two hds310 in my 2014 scion tc and it's loud. I have windshield wiper flex just for two Soundqubed 10's and this amp.
  Reviewed by:   from Grandville, Michigan. on 1/4/2015
These amps are being distributed with their control switch on slave mode. Switch that to master before you bump music! It's not good for the amp and you won't get any sound. Other than that this amp is a powerhouse when given voltage it won't stop
  Reviewed by:   from Southern California. on 1/4/2015
Rating I want one
When will this amp be available I really want one.
  Reviewed by:   from Mr.Vernon Missouri . on 12/30/2014
Rating didnt get to see what all the excitement is about
I bought it on cyber monday and it took me about a week to get the 0 gauge wire to hook it up. Then I hook it up and get no sound from the amp. Yes I know it is all hooked up right. This isn't my 1st install. Waiting to see what soundqubed will do to fix this problem
  Reviewed by:   from Tulsa. on 12/16/2014
Rating 2200d
I had one of these amps a few years ago. They are beasts with the proper electrical. Best amps you can buy for the price. You would have to spend at least 700 on another brand to compare! Just got this one on cyber Monday so an even better deal! I couldn't pass it up! Bout to be runnin two hdc3 12s on it. Can't wait! Soundqubed FTW!!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Indiana. on 12/5/2014
Rating Amazing Amp
So even though i ran into a faulty first amp, i ordered a 2nd amp because of the reviews and talk of this amplifier in the forums. And i cannot be more pleased with the clean power from this amp. I have a DC 270XP alt, which supplies 200 amps at idle. And i only have an optima yellow top under the hood. Volts usually hold around 13.5. Also this is on 2 AB XFL 12's in a 5.7 cu ft box tuned to 26 hz. The SQ is quality and almost as heavy as the 35 lb sub. I cant wait to get my first amp repaired and daisy chain them together. Im hoping for a 146-147 @ 28 - 30 hz. My only concern is the way the amp clips fast on lower notes. But still soinds great none the least. Buy this amp for true clean power
  Reviewed by:   from Greensboro, NC. on 11/29/2014
I know what you're doing. Looking at the other 2k amps and telling yourself you won't miss out. You will. This amp is a power slinging monster, it will take your HDC3 and make it scream. Just click add to cart already.
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 10/10/2014
Rating Best Customer Service
Most efficient and well built amp I have owned. Had a couple questions and customer service was very helpful. That alone has sold me on this company. Glad to run there products! Helpfully and reliable
  Reviewed by:   from Spring TX. on 10/9/2014
Rating LOUD!!!!
This amp is nothing but an all out beast!! it pushes out power, and then some. I have it pushing my obsidian 15s at only 2 ohms since I don't have the electrical to support this monster. Soundqubed gives great customer service and an even better product! highly recommend
  Reviewed by:   from St. Cloud MN. on 9/16/2014
Rating all around beast
This is my second setup I've run & the second monoblock I've ever purchased. I have to say that it is by far the best thing out there. Easy to set gains & filters. 0 gauge inputs for optimal performance & it barely heats up at 1 ohm. The clipping indicator on the remote makes setting the gains perfect. I used a 50 Hz tone to set mine. You can't go wrong with soundqubed.
  Reviewed by:   from Georgia . on 9/13/2014
Rating First amp I've ever bought and it sets the bar high
I've got a Fi Q 15 hooked up to this amp and it powers it like a champ. Currently running it on stock alternator and upgraded battery, but it still supplies more power than I need. I think all the positive reviews speak for themselves so look no further if you're checking out this amp.
  Reviewed by:   from Newport Beach. on 9/2/2014
Rating Its a BEAST
After i got my HO alt in, and battery bank so its fed well it just hammers. Running a pair of type r's for now. Of course one is fun for just a little bit, i'll be ordering another one soon to strap it. Have to make another power run but its all about the results. Highly recommended!! Clean power.
  Reviewed by:   from Warren, P.A.. on 7/25/2014
Rating Look No Further!
If you're shopping around for an amp with roughly the same specs, STOP NOW! You're wasting your time. Do yourself a favor and click that "add to cart" button right now. This amp has surpassed my expectations. It delivers clean power that doesn't strain my electrical system (also because I give it the power it wants). I have it hooked up to an HDC3 18" and it like a match made in heaven. Forums will say it's overpriced, but they couldn't be more wrong. The tuning aspect is flawless. Everything is very tight and precise. $429 shipped is extremely reasonable for this miniature power plant. The clipping bass knob light is extremely handy as well. As one of my favorite authors once said, "If you aren't using a Q1-2200 to power your system, you're not a serious basshead." - Mark Twain
  Reviewed by:   from Utah. on 6/20/2014
Rating Insane
I bought this amp returned it thinking something was wrong but I just made a mistake on setting the crossovers to low and they fixed it for me and have had it for sometime now on my hdc315 with psi recone and man that things flexs everything it wire at .5 ohm with a perfect 1 ohm box rise and this thing hammers
  Reviewed by:   from Missouri. on 6/17/2014
Rating Beast
When I opened this amp I couldnt believe it. This thing is heavier than most subs I ever owned. Mine gets really hot pushing my single hdc3 12 d2. But this thing keeps going and honestly, I doubt its much of a challenge for my sub. Best amp I ever had hands down.
  Reviewed by:   from Fla. on 5/17/2014
Rating Best Amp I've ever owned...
No BS, this is the best amplifier I've ever owned. I can't believe you can buy this much clean, reliable power for the money! I'm finally at peace running my equipment to it's peak. Nice touch adding the clipping indicator on the knob. Pushing the hell out of my HDS3 12's. Will be buying another Q2200.1 in about 6 months to upgrade to HDC3 12's. Nothing wrong with the HDS3's BY ANY MEANS! I'm just a junkie who wants to see how far I can really take it. Keep up the great work SoundQubed. AMAZING AMP! People, don't think twice about it. BUY THIS AMP TO PUSH YOUR SUBS!
  Reviewed by:   from The Woodlands, TX. on 5/17/2014
Rating Q1-2200D Bad Ass
This amp replaced my CT Sounds 3000.1 It is just as power full as the CT but sounds much better. I have it running two HDC3 12s and it just slams. I could only imagine what two of these amps strapped would do. Crazy. I love Soundqubed products and also have their 120 4 channel.
  Reviewed by:   from Seattle Washington. on 5/16/2014
Rating SQ-2200
Just ordered my amp last night. Gonna run 2 fi ssd 15s. We'll see what it can do..!!?? I've heard good things..!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Kansas. on 4/22/2014
Rating Mr
SQ 2200 amp is a beast of an amp. Well made with plenty of power. And it's not a electric hog. Soon I'm going to own a second 2200. I bought it thinking it would be a good budget amp, boy was I wrong, it's a badass amp period.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 4/5/2014
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