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Part Number Q1-2200D
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Our Q1-2200D amplifier is the BIG BROTHER TO THE Q1-1200D with the same great design features but with more of the power producing GOOD STUFF to give you 2200 watts of CLEAN UNCLIPPED POWER @ 1% THD.The Q1-2200D is the perfect match for a pair of our HDC3 series subwoofers in a Daily Driver Application. If you want to do a little showing off or burping at competitions use a single Q1-2200D per sub.Now if you are a “HARDCORE COMPETITOR” and want to really push those HDC3’s link a pair of the Q1-2200D’s to a single HDC3 or any other subwoofer of your choice for competition and you’re in for some fun and maybe some smoke from your subs if you’re not careful. If you burn a coil or fold a cone don’t say we didn’t warn you. (We do not warranty burnt or open coils or competition use of subwoofers and amplifiers)
  • The Q1-2200D is fully stable down to one ohm.
  • Daisy Chain connection of two Q1-2200D’s stable down to two ohms
  • Four way protection circuits: Speaker shorts, DC offset, High/Low voltage, Thermal protection
  • High current MOSFET switching devices
  • 24db/oct slope crossovers, Fully adjustable Low Pass Filter and Subsonic Filter
  • Remote Gain Knob Included
Digital Monoblock 1 ohm stable
Input Sensitivity0.2v-8v
Variable Low Pass Filter20Hz-200Hz @ 24dB/Oct
Subsonic Filter10Hz-50Hz @ 24dB/Oct
Output Master / Input Slave, 2 amps linkable connection
Clipping Display Led
Signal to Noise Ratio90dB
External Fuse Rating200 Amps, 400 Amps Linked
Tested Voltage14.4V
4 ohm power @ 12V @ 1% THD500x 1
1 ohm power2200 x 1
1 ohm Power @ 16V2500 x 1
2 ohm Linked Power @ 14.4V @ 1% THD4400 x 1

Product Specifications subject to change without notice.
Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating SQ-2200
Just ordered my amp last night. Gonna run 2 fi ssd 15s. We'll see what it can do..!!?? I've heard good things..!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Kansas. on 4/22/2014
Rating Mr
SQ 2200 amp is a beast of an amp. Well made with plenty of power. And it's not a electric hog. Soon I'm going to own a second 2200. I bought it thinking it would be a good budget amp, boy was I wrong, it's a badass amp period.
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 4/5/2014
Rating Amazing powerhouse of an Amplifier !!!
I absolutley love this amplifier and it would be one i would recommend for anyone. Not only does it handle well under high demands, it can also handle well under lower voltage drops. I haven't even been able to supply it the power it needs at half gain. Lastly i must add in that it even stays cold..or even slightly warm after hours of steady loads put onto it. I'll be buying a second one after the 2 batteries and alternator gets here!
  Reviewed by:   from West Chester ,PA. on 2/18/2014
Rating sq2200 is beast
Let me start off by saying that the customer service at sq is the best. I had a problem with my amp being delivered and they handled the situation immediately..just rest assured if you order from sq you will be totally satisfied with the customer service and the product...
  Reviewed by:   from baton rouge. on 2/18/2014
Rating Crowned Legacy US-VIP car club
Amazing amplifier, even better customer service received from Zack when I originally thought the amplifier was INOP! Check your filter settings and ensure its not in slave mode ppl! Even the best of us get a little hurried along! Clipping meter in the bass knob is absolutely amazing! Clean power and peace of mind in one powerful package. As with all great things, come great responsibility! Make sure you have sufficent charging power and a decent sized additional battery to keep your voltage current moving along happily. Soundqubed does it again, I'm supporting as long as the products keep flwoing fellas! Dom
  Reviewed by:   from San Antonio, TX. on 2/11/2014
Rating Bad boy
I have this lil amp on two hdc318's and this amp is a power house I hit a150.7 at a local show with only 2200 watts. Highly recomend this bad boy.
  Reviewed by:   from Houston Texas. on 9/30/2013
Rating Bullet proof
This amp takes abuse all day long! Make sure you have the electrical to support it and you wont be disappointed.
  Reviewed by:   from US. on 8/17/2013
Rating audioque/soundque
I have two 2200 on two hdc3 in a 4th order bandpass box. These amp are great. I recommend these amps. Thinks for making great products.
  Reviewed by:   from Danville, Va.. on 7/21/2013
Rating get one
This is my second one and I plan on buying one for every vehicle I'll own for as long as SQ is around. I daily mine since I've had it at 1ohms banging all the time, amp has never shut off or gave up on me. sub sounds amazing. I know it's capable of more If I had the money for better charging and more better batteries. don't hesitate best value of any amp that i've researched.
  Reviewed by:   from Las Vegas. on 6/29/2013
Rating So damn pumped
I just received my amp in the mail today I'm so excited I'm waiting to get off work and ship the wrong subs out so the right ones will be in shortly I hope I just can't wait!
  Reviewed by:   from Bama. on 6/26/2013
Rating Great amp!!
I have one at the moment powering 2 soundqubed hdc3 12s and it sound great! Ordering another in a week
  Reviewed by:   from Mississippi. on 4/30/2013
Rating tuff amazing amp,,i have two
I run two of these for now on four treo ssx18s...i have dual alts and three batteries....have them running at 1/2 ohm(not recommended)....but these amps have not given me any trouble...they just keep going......i want two more....
  Reviewed by:   from oklahoma. on 12/18/2012
Rating scary power
I have bought this amp from a friend with 2 ascendant audio chaos 15's and in huge ported box that was doing 146.6 db in a nitro and put it all in a 96 extended cab dakota on factory alt and red optima batt and doing hair tricks and scarring the crap out of people this thing is just plan nasty
  Reviewed by:   from dover de. on 12/13/2012
Rating Definately the cats MEOW!!
I have the AQ2200 running a 12" FI BL with cooling @ 1ohm and its awesome! I am a daily driver of 3 hours a day and the abuse I put this amp thru daily can't be matched. People say that they amp doesn't get warm. Well.. there right!! It is such a great amp. Just make sure you give the amp a little respect by feeding it from an H.O alternator, extra batts and top shelf wiring because it will be well worth it!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Willisburg, KY. on 11/21/2012
Rating great amp here
have owned 2 of these amps never any problems and never get hot. if you are looking for 2000 watts this is a great amp could not be happier
  Reviewed by:   from toledo ohio. on 10/31/2012
Rating AQ2200 - rocks SDC2.5-15'S !
The AQ2200 is running 2 x SCD2.5-15’s in 5.25 cu.ft. net enclosure (cannot fit a larger box in my hatch area - Renault RS250) with 80 sq in port, 23 in long. These 2 subs have had only 4hrs play time and have just done a 141.7 db at 55 Hz on music! - I need bigger / more batteries as my electrics cannot keep up and the amp went into protect mode as my voltage had dropped. Thoroughly recommended the AQ2200, good clean power and the clipping light is useful on the bass boost controller as well.
  Reviewed by:   from Perth West Australia. on 8/4/2012
Rating This thing is a BEAST
Nuff said
  Reviewed by:   from Dallas Texas. on 12/12/2011
Rating SPL
I got one AQ2200d to a FIBTL 18 @ 1ohm in a SPL box at 6.5cubes and this alone slams I could play 6hours straight bumpin hard and don't get warm my power system is a 220 amp alt. & stock batt. which sucks. wat can I say AQ all day can't wait to get another one soon
  Reviewed by:   from Arizona928. on 12/2/2011
Rating Great amp
I have 2 strapped to 2 hdc318's and they barley get warm. I love these amps but thinking about going with more power for next season. Placed 6th overall for the year in my class. keep making great products!!!!!!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Allen park MI. on 11/30/2011
Rating THE BEST!!
I have had many amps over the years but this AQ2200d is by far the best i've had so far. I had this strapped to a 3500 series dd sub at 2 ohm and it slammed. I can't wait to break my new HDC4 sub in and see what it can do!!
  Reviewed by:   from Gonzales, Louisiana. on 11/29/2011
Rating All I can say is wow
This amp is a monster!!!! I have it running at 1ohm and man the difference in power from 2.33omhs to 1.0omhs is amazing. I cant wait to start competing this season with this new amp. AQ FTW!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Fort campbell KY. on 11/13/2011
Rating A must have!!!
This is a beast of an amp! I have it hooked to two HDC310's and it rocks them without even getting hot. I am working on adding a second one as we speak. Can't wait to see how they perform together. THANKS AQ!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Lower Alabama. on 9/2/2011
Rating Bangin @ 146.4
Love this amp I have it on one 18" aq aluminum coil sub and I'm hitting 146.4 not fully tuned these amps are beasts I cant wait to get another and strap them !!!! Aq for life
  Reviewed by:   from Rhode Island . on 8/16/2011
Rating Excellent amp, worth every penny
I have been running this AQ2200d since last October. It is a rock solid performer. My particular amp I clamped at 2520 watts @ 1 ohm on about 15.5V with solid electrical. I understand this was pushing the amp hard, but it performed excellent. I run it daily @ 1 ohm and 14.5V, and it puts out very clean rated power. I also give a thumbs up to the gain knob which shows if the signal is clipped. This was as accurate as my o-scope!
  Reviewed by:   from Battle Creek, MI. on 7/25/2011
Rating Great Amp
I have had this amp for about a year now, and it has never failed and keeps on pushing. The power is very clean and I cannot seem to even be able to get this amp warm. It gives my subs a workout everyday I use it. I would definitely recommend this amp.
  Reviewed by:   from Virginia. on 4/7/2011
Rating great amplifier
i have had this amplifier for awhile i lost the bass knob and was using it without it and when i got a new bass knob i relized the volume and how i had the system before i was clipping big time. i kinda figured because after 15mins the amplifier will turn off and be really hott i love the safety features that actually work unlike other amplifier they just burn up on you. it didnt play as loud as when i was clipping but hey i guess ill just have to strap two of these babies together
  Reviewed by:   from newyork. on 2/27/2011
Rating Quality Sound...
This amp is great, I've been powering two Precision Power PPI PRO [Dual 4-Ohm] subs for the past year & this amp has powered them to their limits...they keep going. This is the best amp out there for the price & it will power anything you throw at it, plus more. Get this amp & don't get anything else, you won't be surprised. Love it.
  Reviewed by:   from Columbia, South Carolina.. on 2/10/2011
Rating Strapped power!
Strapped two of these bad boys together to throw some real power at my 18" SSA Xcon! Tuned to 35hz managed to hit a 151.2db at 4200 watts!
  Reviewed by:   from Des Moines, Ia. on 2/7/2011
I have had a MTX81000d for about 3 years it was inefficient and got hot fast and was only stable to 2 ohms. It would also only play for 45 min (if i was lucky) before getting to hot and having to shut off for 5-7 minutes. Then I bought an AQ2200d and this was a GREAT buy! It is a solid amp that is built to last,and puts out some serious power.... I ran this amp for 13 hours straight and it did not even get hot!! I have yet to get this amp above 90 degrees, Its like magic!
  Reviewed by:   from Las Vegas, NV. on 2/4/2011
Rating cant be beat
got one on an hdc3 15 d2 @1ohm,only electrical uprgrade is deka intimidator g31. simply unmatched price to performance ratio, still shocked when i rip it full tilt that i paid under 400 bucks for such a powerhouse. Its literally cold to the touch after thundering to and from work the whole way. cant wait to get another and strap em up!!! cant say enough about all aq products, thanks dj and everyone at aq for making true badass equipment that isnt beyond the means of us middle class bassheads.
  Reviewed by:   from naptown. on 1/28/2011
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