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Q1-3500D.1 Amplifier

Part Number Q1-3500D.1
review 23 Review(s)
Q1-3500D.1 Amplifier
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The Q1-3500D.1 is one of our most powerful Amplifier with up to 7500 watts @ 1ohm @ 18volts for those guys and ladies who want to push their systems to the limit. You can strap a pair of Q1-3500D.1'S for a woofer busting 15000 watts @ 2ohm. Born in the same place as our popular Q1-1200D and Q1-2200D and built with the very best parts money can buy the Q1-3500D.1 offers the best watt per dollar value in its power range.
You MUST have an upgraded electrical system sufficient to provide the amperage required to handle the 380 amp fuse rating of the Q1-3500D.1 (760 amps for a pair) in order to satisfy this beast.

  • The Q1-3500.1 is fully stable down to one ohm.
  • Daisy Chain connection of two Q1-3500.1 stable down to two ohms
  • Four way protection circuits: Speaker shorts, DC offset, High/Low voltage, Thermal protection
  • High current MOSFET switching devices
  • 24db/oct slope crossovers, Fully adjustable Low Pass Filter and Subsonic Filter
  • Remote Gain Knob Included
Digital Monoblock 1 ohm stable
Input Sensitivity0.2V ~ 5V
Variable Low Pass Filter20Hz ~ 200Hz @ 24dB/Slope
Subsonic Filter10Hz ~ 50Hz @ 24dB/Slope
2 amp linkable connectionOutput Master / Input Slave
Clipping Display LedOn Remote Gain Control
Signal to Noise Ratio85dB <
Damping Factor250 <
Efficiency85% at 4 ohm <
External Fuse Rating380 Amp in-line, 760 for pair
Tested Voltage14.4V
Working Voltage9.5V ~ 18.5V**
4 ohm power @ 12V @ 1% THD750W x 1
4 ohm power @ 14.4V @ 1% THD1400W x 1
2 ohm power @ 14.4V @ 1% THD2600W x 1
1 ohm power @ 14.4V @ < 1% THD4300W x 1
1 ohm Power @ 16V** @ 1% THD5300W x 1
1 ohm Power @ 18V** @ 1% THD6000W x 1
1 ohm Power @ 18V** @ 10% THD7500W x 1
2 ohm Linked Power @ 14.4V @ 1% THD8600W x 1
2 ohm Linked Power @ 16V** @ 1% THD10600W x 1
2 ohm Linked Power @ 18V** @ 1% THD12000W x 1
2 ohm Linked Power @ 18V** @ 10% THD15000W x 1
Dimensions (mm)657.2mm (L) x 241.3mm (W) x 66.7mm (H)
Dimensions (in)25.875in (L) x 9.5in (W) x 2.625in (H)
Power and Ground Inputs0 Gauge x 2

Product Specifications subject to change without notice.

**Any voltage ran higher than 14.4 will not be covered under manufacturers defect warranty policy.**
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Customer Reviews
Rating Q1-3500 IS A BEAST!!
  Reviewed by:   from on 1/28/2015
Rating BEAST amps
These amps are built like tanks, quality internals and power for days. For the price there is nothing better. Highly recommend. I will be buying more from SoundQubed!
  Reviewed by:   from MN. on 1/22/2015
Rating If your debaiting on getting this amp just do it!!
For the price I was a little worried it wouldn't be a good amp , boy was I wrong!! an AMAZING amp ,can't go wrong I garentee you will not be disappointed !!! Soundqubed FTW
  Reviewed by:   from Oregon . on 1/21/2015
Rating amazing amp
Changed from a CT sounds 3000.1 to this beast. It sounds totally different. Better sound quality and the bass has more of a punch to it. I highly recommend this amp.
  Reviewed by:   from texas. on 12/2/2014
Rating It's tough and powerful!
Had this amp on two hdc3 18's box blew apart without me noticing, this amp took a beating!! Literally lol I'm honestly shocked it still works and holding strong. Running 4 hdc3 18's at .5 ohms! I do not recommend unless you know what you're doing. That goes for any kind of amp.
  Reviewed by:   from Arkansas. on 12/2/2014
Rating 3500D.1 in one Hell of an Amp!
I bought two of these to strap together, and just finished hooking up only one as a test @ 2.6 ohm load and Holy Crap this amp is ridiculous! Lots of power and is running very cool to the touch after an hour of pounding... not even breaking a sweat cool... Very solid and heavy amplifier. Seems well built. I think I made a very wise decision on buying these along with two of the 4 channels which btw are just as good!
  Reviewed by:   from Chicago. on 11/4/2014
Rating audioque 3500.1 amp
I bought this amp about 4 years ago, as of now o got it running on 6 12 rockford fosgate p3s, the older versions. But mann it pushes them to the max it broke my had line in my cutlass i wad thinking about redoing my system & getting 2 aq 4.0 i would definitely recommend this amp to anyone & it wasn't super expensive
  Reviewed by:   from honolulu, hi. on 8/28/2014
Rating Beast quake!
Just ordered this power house. Was told by a few ppl that Soundqubed make excellent products and that this amp is a raw beast! Price was great for the power amount in 14.4 to 18v set ups. I'll review again once I get my new build up and running
  Reviewed by:   from Milwaukee wi. on 7/27/2014
Rating 1SickM3
I picked one up used off of BlackNasty and holy hell BatMan this thing is a BEEFY amp putting down some power got it on 2 HDS300 12s and love it
  Reviewed by:   from Jonesboro. on 4/28/2014
Rating Soundqubed means beast mode
Just upgraded my 2200 to the 3500D.1 on my hdc318's and its like night and day. I've been a bass head since the 90's and had lots of amps, this has to be the most solid and brutal amps I've owned. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Houston Texas. on 3/6/2014
Rating power
Q1-3500 is all you need it will push anything u put on it. im running 2 SSA XCON 18in subs. It really delivers the power that it needs and then some. outstanding amp
  Reviewed by:   from fayetteville NC. on 3/5/2014
Rating Beast of an amp
I have 2 of these strapped at 1 Ohm running 4 Ascendant Audio Havoc 15's in a 4th order. Even at .5 ohms each they barely get warm. They did heat up pretty good at .35 each so I went from 6 15's to 4. Spl went up too. I have a DC Power 270 amp alt and 6 HC2400's and only drop from 15.1 to 14.4 volts at full tilt. Best amps I have owned so far. Will definately buy Aq (Sq) again.
  Reviewed by:   from Twentynine Palms CA. on 3/19/2013
Rating Raw Gut-Wrenching Power
I brought a AQ3500.1D used for $350. Had it running 3 Memphis Mojo's. The power was unreal. I loved this amp so much I brought a new one and now running 2 AQ 3500.1D on 6 Memphis Mojos. Beware this beast needs upgrade your electrical and you will be all smiles. Power to spare!
  Reviewed by:   from Mid West. on 9/5/2012
Rating Great amplifier
This amplifier is worth every single penny. I'd compare these products to MTX, JL Audio, and Soundstream. I've had this amplifier pushing my two MTX 9512-44's for a little over a year and a half now, and they hit hard, clean, and the amp shows no depreciated value what-so-ever. 1 ohm, 4382 rated watts RMS in my 2004 Ford Explorer. I would tell anyone to purchase AudioQue amplifiers over anything else.
  Reviewed by:   from Milwaukee, WI. on 12/14/2011
Rating AQ 3500D.1 WoW! #FTW
All that and room to spare. I needed a good reason to add batteries and 0-gauge to my setup. So I spend the extra cash to build around this MONSTER! The expense was worth every penny. I see a couple of HDC418-D1-A in my future! #BeatinDownThaBlock
  Reviewed by:   from Maryland. on 10/17/2011
Rating This is one nasty amp!!!!
I upgraded from a AQ2200 to the AQ3500 on two HDC310's and it pounds them. It is unreal how clean the bass is and how all the AQ equipment works together! THANKS AQ
  Reviewed by:   from Alabama. on 9/20/2011
Rating AQ FTW
AQ did it again, they never let me down this amp has power and I havent even turned it up past 3/4 on gain and 1/4 on remote. sound is clear I used JL befor this so... raw power For the win.
  Reviewed by:   from Lincoln NE. on 6/3/2011
Rating Amazing amps
This amp is insanely amazing. I'm pushing 2 Fi's and at 13v I'm still hitting 150-155dB range. I'm getting a new alternator to bring up the voltage and I'm scared to see what this thing can really do. But this is the best amp I've used, out of 3 previous setups, and friends amps. And the audio shop that did my install said that for the price, the amp is really good
  Reviewed by:   from Jax/PV Florida. on 5/21/2011
Rating AQ3500D.1
I've owned alot of amps in my 15 years of experience and this is by far my favorite that I've competed with and/or used on a daily basis. I'm running at 1ohm with a 220amp alternator and 2 kinetic batteries. The amp works flawlessly, doesn't get hot, and has never even blown a fuse. Excellent design and true power ratings. A+++++ (Team Ideal Concepts)
  Reviewed by:   from Temple, Tx. on 5/18/2011
Rating Magnificent product!!!!!!!
I have 2) of the 3500s to 4) 18 inch hdc3 -A , the sound is ridiculously loud!!!!!! I'm more than satisfied!!!! Thanks audioque , dj for box design!!
  Reviewed by:   from Mastic beach ny , 11951. on 5/4/2011
Rating AQ 3500
This amp is flat out amazing. Just make sure you have enough volts to it.
  Reviewed by:   from Olathe , KS. on 2/2/2011
Rating Owner
The AQ 3500 is a beast this thing huge u can tell b4 u hook it up just by the weight that this monster will produce a ungodly amount of power i cant wait to hook mines up after that i will post another review. Thanks D,J&Mike
  Reviewed by:   from Philly. on 1/26/2011
Rating Very impressive amp!!!
I have two of these strapped, and I clamped 9200 watts at 10.5 volts!!! Termlab Outlaw Score was 160.4 db!!! Great amps and very affordable for the output of power you get.
  Reviewed by:   from Mayflower, AR. on 1/21/2011
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