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Street Duty SDC2.5-15-D4 Subwoofer

Part Number SDC2.5-15
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Street Duty SDC2.5-15-D4 Subwoofer
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The SDC2.5 Series is the latest improvement on our most popular woofer. We have increased the motor power, throw and upgraded the suspension and cone to give you even more for your money. The SoundQubed SDC2.5-D4 subwoofers were designed for today's car audio systems. High powered sound systems require high power subs that are built to handle the load. The SDC2.5 was designed for 500-600 watt per driver sound systems, this matches well with the 500-600 watt mono blocks driving a single woofer, or the 1000-1200 watt mono-blocks driving a pair of woofers.These subs were designed to hit hard, sound great and last a long time. The 2.5" DUAL voice coil diameter is big enough to handle the long-term power while light enough in mass to yield high output. The coil is coupled to a strong multi-fiber cone that is reinforced with an epoxy resin dust cap. The EROM, high roll surround is efficient in both excursion and cone area. The suspension follows our philosophy of multiple, high compliance spider layers for tight bass with low fatigue over the long haul. The lead wires are formed into these spider layers which further enhances durability and eliminates lead slap/breakage problems. The frame is cast aluminum with a sandblasted, powder coat finish. The motor parts are all machined with a black epoxy finish to aid in heat transfer. The tight tolerances of the SD2.5 motor provides high energy without excess weight. These subs use the finest parts that can be found, are hand assembled to maintain the tightest tolerances and made especially for you. Everything about the SDC2.5 subs is dedicated to delivering the pounding bass you need. The SDC2.5 series fills the void between the SDC2 series and the HDC3 super woofer. It is the perfect choice for raising the bar in power levels to get that extra bass but still be in the 500-600 watts power range.

TS measurements taken after one hour break-in from BNIB random samples

Woofer Size10"12"15"
Fs41 Hz36 Hz33 Hz
Vas5.903 l24.16044.340 l
Le mH3.227.353.05
Sensitivity 1W/1m80.84 dB84.67 dB85.69 dB
Magnet Weight140 oz140 oz140 oz
Coil Diameter2.5"2.5"2.5"
Useable Throw2.0"2.0"2.0"
RMS Power600600600
Peak Power120012001200
Mounting Depth6.25"6.5"7.5"
Circle Cutout9.35"11.1875"14"

We recommend allowing several weeks of playing time to break in SQ Woofers, full break in may take many months. DO NOT  play subwoofers at max amplifier power in the first couple of days, give the suspensions a chance to loosen up. As the suspension breaks in, the subs will play lower and louder.

Product Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Customer Reviews
Rating sdc2 15 baeee
Ok lets see coustmer service is bad like any other speaker price phone always gose to v.mail but what can i say the sub is really gud its get loud i have had comp subs it will keep up but you must let sub open up takes bout week an a half trust me but all in i will buy bigger sub soon great product bad coustmer
  Reviewed by:   from charlotte. on 8/16/2014
Rating Best Bang for your buck!!!
What can you say, these subs for their original price vs performance could not be beat. Now at $115 each i don't see how they are not sold out yet. These were my original favorite before the HDC4's came out. Nice and beefy at a cheap price, also underrated like all of soundqubed's equipment. I picked up 2 for a VERY budget(
  Reviewed by:   from Campbellsville Ky. on 7/6/2014
Rating Beast!
I have 4 of these 15" subs in my frontier and they are amazing. you will not be able to find a better bang for your buck anywhere. soundqubed has amazing customers service and high quality, bass banging products. highly recommended subs.
  Reviewed by:   from Aiea, Hawaii. on 6/17/2014
Rating Most bang for your buck!
I run 2 of these 15's in a 6 cu ft sealed box with a 1200D soundqubed amp and I couldn't be happier. These things just get louder and lower.I was on a budget and got 2 15's and the amp brand new for just under $500 you can't get that quality and price anywhere!
  Reviewed by:   from Illinois. on 5/9/2014
Rating Steadily Bumping :-)
These went into a ported 3/4" birch box, and DAYUM they slam!!! The only regret is not ordering more of them, haha... SoundQubed continues to impress. :-)
  Reviewed by:   from Deep South Texas . on 5/8/2014
Rating these will get the dents out.
I have about 4 hours on them and they are already hitting lower. Awesome sounding subs. Thanks SQ O and the free shipping was sweet too lol.
  Reviewed by:   from NEBRASKA. on 8/24/2013
Rating SDC 15 2.5
its one of the best sounding sub i ever hear i have 4 15's now I'm going to order 2 more so i can start my wall for 6 15's I'm very happy with these subs
  Reviewed by:   from Oregon. on 4/17/2013
Rating Help
I got this sub and i am now looking for a box. I have a small trunk and need to find a good box that will fit my trunck. Send a link
  Reviewed by:   from Pennsylvania . on 2/10/2013
Rating They move a ton of air!
Got two of them sitting at 1ohm on my oxygen airpro2k in a 5.4cube box tuned to 35hz. sitting in the trunk of my '12 scion tc. Can't wait to get them broken in and see what kind of numbers they pull. Makes the seats vibrate oh so good ;D
  Reviewed by:   from Fairview, TN. on 11/8/2012
Rating Plays loud and low, great value as well !
Just got my SDC2.5-15 into a 2.75 cubic ft enclosure as per AQ specs, tuned to 40 Hz. Currently running off an Alpine MRX500, Sounds great and plays low, cannot wait for the sub to be run in, so I can turn the volume right up! This sub is great value even with shipping charges it is half the price of the same size R series Alpine sub.
  Reviewed by:   from Perth West Australia. on 5/7/2012
Rating I love them!!!
I have 2 of these subs,vand these things really do sound awesome. Ive got them in an 8.7 FT3 single chamber box, tuned to 37hz, and they really hit. Theyre wired at 4ohms currently, on 340rms each for the break in. I love these subs, and i cant wait until i get the money together for the AQ1200D.
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 3/14/2012
Rating Serious bang for your buck!!!
I got four of these beasts in the back of a 4runner and they absolutely slam! I have them running off of the 2200 and even though they are just breaking in they already murdere the lows...can't wait to get four more
  Reviewed by:   from Morrison, Tennessee. on 3/8/2012
I have two of these 15s in a blow thru in my s10. These things SLAM, i have an audioque 1200 on them and they are a perfect match. You will be extremley happy with these woofers. Great product, good job guys at AQ.
  Reviewed by:   from Odin IL. on 1/8/2012
Rating beats gangsta
I have one of these in a 3.0 cu/ft box thats after port and woofer tuned to 30hz powered by a AQ-750 @2ohm and it beats. dident like how i dident get a sticker though lol.
  Reviewed by:   from California. on 1/7/2012
Rating buy this sub
thia is surly one impressive sub. i dident expect much for a 160 dollar sub but i tell you it is awesome. i have one in a 5 cft enclouste tuned to 34 hz and driven by a kicker zx 2500. thts woofer loves power
  Reviewed by:   from san antonio tx. on 12/27/2011
Rating solid woofer great buy
i just got one and it hits the lows awsome i have it in 5.5 cubic foot tuned to 33hz and it shakes everything in my truck i love the lows it hits and sounds very good i cant wait to get the 2nt one and do a wall setup in my truck
  Reviewed by:   from Chehalis WA. on 12/24/2011
Rating straightup beasts
I have heard these beasts in action and they are a great sub for the price. They bang ridiculously loud! I just ordered 2 of these for myself! Can't wait for these to show up.
  Reviewed by:   from Algona. on 11/24/2011
Rating loud
i got 2 of these and they slam hard on 750rms at 1ohm in a 4cft per side 40hz, deffinatly spl sub not so much on sq still great buy for the price
  Reviewed by:   from il. on 10/17/2011
Rating amazing subwoofer
i have two of these in the back of my durango in a 9^3 ft box tuned to 37hz and putting 600w rms each and they hit hard! i am very impressed.
  Reviewed by:   from pleasant grove, ut. on 8/30/2011
Rating Best sub on the market.
In my opinion, these are the best and most Loud subs for the power they can handle. I have one right now in a 6 CF box ran off a AQ1200D and hit 142 DB with it in a 6 CF box. Term lab was in the kick. Nothing compares to audioque. Buy them!
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 7/24/2011
Rating they awsome
man thank they look good i cant wait tell i put dem in my 09 impala
  Reviewed by:   from opelousas. on 7/5/2011
Rating I love this sub!
I have this sub for about 6 months. This thing slams HARD! For the price I paid, I definitely got my money's worth. Only one problem though... I can't find a recone kit for it. For that reason, 4 stars. But the sub itself is mint.
  Reviewed by:   from Greater Toronto Area, Canada. on 6/8/2011
Rating Great Sub
This is a great sub that cant be beaten at its price level. I am very happy with mine and so are many others who i showed this thing in action. Go job AQ
  Reviewed by:   from Orlando FL. on 5/15/2011
Rating A straight up beast.
Yesterday, I finally made my box for it. 4.0 cubic feet tuned at 35 hz. And it's sounds gorgous. I'm only pushing like 100wrms at the moment, but this woofer is not your every day 15". It's a beast sitting in this little box that can't be tammed. Have to buy it. No questions asked. AQ is the way to go. And f*uck JL audio. This sub will sh*t on them bad. And it's way better then my old kicker cvr 12's
  Reviewed by:   from Huntsville, alabama. on 4/17/2011
Rating Amazing sub!
I heard an AQ at a show and i loved how tight it sounded. Now i own one! Ive got the 15 on a 200 watt plate amp in my room because i got slowed on getting a truck. 4.6 cu tuned to 34 and i absolutely LOVE IT! Cannot wait to get it on some REAL power and into my truck! I plan on buying 3 more and doing a wall hopefully! Thanks DJ!
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 3/1/2011
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