When we engineered our latest sub line up we set out to offer a sub-woofer for every application, and we we've managed to accomplish just that.

While you're deciding which woofer will work best with your system you'll notice there are two classes of Sound Qubed woofers; HDS (Heavy Duty Street) and HDC (Heavy Duty Competition).

The HDS (Heavy Duty Street) series is perfect for SQL systems.  They'll deliver block rattling bass on 600-1200 watts RMS.  They're available with a 2.5" or 3" coil depending on what best fits your application. The HDS subs will make sure they hear you before they see you!  

The HDC (Heavy Duty Competition) are exactly as the name states! Everything about the HDC is bigger and badder than anything that even comes close to the same price on the market. We recommend having 1500-2000 watts RMS minimum to realize the true potential of the HDC sub-woofers.The HDC motors are bigger, the cones are stiffer, they have 10 gauge direct connect leads, and we use the best 3" and 4" high temperature voice coils available. They'll still perform well in high power daily applications, but we truly designed these to take a beating in competition 

We've worked hard to design these for you, and can guarantee that no matter the series you go with, you won't be disappointed. For more specific questions about any SoundQubed product please give us a call (405-600-1936) or send us an email. We'll be more than happy to assist!
  • HDS2.1 HDS2.1
    For those looking to put a little more bass in their factory set-up or diy an inexpensive build, the HDS2.1 series will do the job!
  • HDS3.1 HDS3.1
    For those looking to daily street beat and take on some car shows!
  • HDC 3.1 HDC 3.1
    For those in need of a Heavy Duty application woofer, whether for daily street beat or extreme competition. These woofers are designed and built for heavy hitters and DIY Bassheads in mind.