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Is music something you use for utility, like a blanket of noise to mask background sounds?

Or is it something more vital to you every day, akin to oxygen, water, and shelter?

If you’ve reached this website and read this far, chances are good that you fall into the latter category.

For audiophiles, music is more than an ambient wall to absorb unpleasant interruptions- Music is the language of your heart as well as the pulse that keeps it pumping. It affects a greater area of our brains than any other external stimuli and triggers deep feelings, both comforting and familiar, as well as new and enticing. Your skin absorbs the melody, the bass soothes your soul, and the song makes its way to your heart.

Music is a universal language of depth and resonance.

Listening to the right song at the right moment can elicit a powerful, nostalgic response that has less to do with the tones themselves and more to do with the experiences of which that song reminds you. It is so powerful that it can be used to rehabilitate stroke victims and Alzheimer’s patients.

Our ears were made for bass. Literally.

The sacculus is found inside our ears and has a direct connection to our brain's pleasure centers, and it requires low frequencies greater than 90 dB to release the good-feeling dopamine! Therefore it stands to reason that buying SoundQubed HDX3 and HDX4 Subwoofers will make you a happier person, provided you've upgraded your vehicle's stock electrical charging system!

Music can represent a myriad of emotions and feelings, marching straight to the soul in time with the drums and bass. It even has the capacity to imitate our own emotions- the subtle intro, the winding growth of the beat, climactic break and finality of the outro speak to the human experience in a number of ways. 

Bass completes music. It not only makes us FEEL the music but also makes us a part of the song itself, as our bodies bathe in a sea of low frequencies, awakening something powerful within each listener. Technology like car audio subwoofers, monoblock amplifiers, component speakers, and electrical charging systems have advanced to reproduce frequencies that weren’t possible with the speakers and drivers of yesteryear and once you’ve heard your favorite music on a strong and loud system, everything else is hollow in comparison. 

We have an intrinsic draw to loud and low music. It gives life to something primal, something ancient, like drums beating around a primordial fire. The comforts of bass frequencies also harken back to the prenatal heartbeat- Our first subwoofer is our mother’s heartbeat.