Whether you're looking for a mono amplifier or a multi channel amplifier, you've come to the right place for your car audio amplifier.

You need low-end that rumbles, treble that screams, and mid-range that rattles your brains but to get this without distorting your favorite music, you’ll need the right power amplifier capable of providing clean and efficient power.

SoundQubed Monoblock Amplifiers and Multi Channel Amps reliably improve your sound quality and make driving fun again!


A car audio amplifier increases the power of an audio signal used to drive speakers and subwoofers. In car audio systems, the amp raises the head unit’s signal and delivers a powered signal to the speakers and subs, enhancing the sound quality of your car stereo and increasing volume and boosting bass.

Ready to boost your car stereo’s output and clarity? Let’s get LOUD. 

Depending on your needs, you may want to choose either a mono amplifier or a multi-channel amp. 

Mono amplifiers send power through a single channel and are ideal for powering subwoofers via their one channel. This makes monoblocks perfect subwoofer amplifiers and ideal for driving one or multiple subs with your stock system or adding them to a multi channel amplifier for a refined tone with more and discreet bass controls, like low-pass filters and subsonic filters. 

“Strappable” mono amps can connect together to combine power and drive the same speaker(s), but as their output doubles, so does their impedance. For help determining the best wiring practice in your vehicle's system, click here.

 Multi-channel amplifiers can send power output through more than one channel and are capable of driving both stereo speakers and subwoofers, though they may not provide enough juice or resistance for voltage-hungry subwoofers (Like the HDX4) with higher rms power ratings.

Multiple channel amplifiers are a great upgrade, as many stock systems will not provide more than 10 watts RMS power to each speaker. If your stock speakers aren’t cutting it, make sure to check out our coaxial and Component Speakers!

 If you’re just starting and are building your system piece-by-piece, it may be good to begin with a multi-channel amplifier, wired with two channels driving the front speakers, two bridged channels for your subwoofer and using your receiver to power the rears until you’re able to add a dedicated monoblock subwoofer amplifier, at which point you will be able to wire the rears to your 4 channel amplifier.

Pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar, and decibel-for-decibel, SoundQubed Amplifiers, Subwoofers and Speakers are the best and bassiest burp, boom and bang for your buck.


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