Coaxial Speakers

Learn about how you can tackle one of the easiest DIY audio upgrades: the "door swap". 

Coaxial Speakers are two-way door speakers combining a tweeter and mid-range woofer in one speaker location. A built-in crossover filters high and midrange frequencies to the correct driver. Because these can cover most of the frequencies you can hear, they are also known as full range speakers.

Vehicle door speakers are often coaxial. They produce midrange and some low-frequency sound waves from the woofers. Factory car audio systems usually include either 6.5 inches or 6 inch by 9 inch door speakers. If you have tweeters in your dash, you may have component speakers that separate the woofer and tweeter into separate locations.

The QSX-652 and QSX-692 coaxials are an easy, cost-effective way to improve your car stereo sound quality. They are easier to install than component speaker systems. They only require one input connection, unlike components that require three connections and three sets of speaker wires.

These full range speakers are built with time, cost, space constraints, and audio fidelity as a priority. The design combines three component elements together in one housing to reduce cost, required space, and material. Coaxials are less power-hungry than components are and therefore will require less amperage and voltage. They can be run from your factory head unit and amp if you haven’t gotten your Q4-150 yet!

Replacing your stock car speakers is a simple, do-it-yourself audio upgrade with coaxial’s common sizes. This “door swap” involves removing the door panels and factory units, and replacing them with easy to install speakers of the same size. Later, you can easily upgrade to component speakers using the same 6.5″ speaker cutouts, though you may want to add some QS-SD25 tweeters when you do!

In the case of a previous upgrade to your vehicle’s audio system, check your door speaker type and door speaker dimensions to make sure you choose the right upgrade for your project. Coaxials are made to fit right in the space left by the factory stock speakers. This is a reason why coaxials are more common upgrades than components. They’re easy to mount and easy to install!

Why upgrade your factory coaxial speakers?

If your car has only one speaker per door, and you do not wish to cut, customize or modify your vehicle, then coaxials are the way to go! If you only want to upgrade your stock OEM speakers, then you want coaxials. They’re easy to install at home or in the garage than complicated component speaker systems and can provide you with a far superior listening experience. If you’re interested in upgrading your car sound system and you’re finding that the cost and difficulty of installation are prohibitive factors, look no further than SoundQubed speakers. The QSX-652 comes in a handy, near-universal 6.5 “ size and the QSX-692 fits 6” x 9” factory speaker locations. If you’re not planning a full sub-bass system upgrade in your vehicle, then SoundQubed high-end coaxials are just what you’re looking for.

OEM System Upgrade

Factory car audio systems are designed with cost in mind. Replacing your door speakers is a guaranteed upgrade for many stock stereo systems.

Be sure your door speakers are one of the common sizes. If in doubt, do a search online to figure out the stock speaker size for your vehicle.

Easy Installation

The hardest part about this DIY audio install project is removing your interior door panels. Once you're in, it's a matter of detaching the old speaker, and connecting the replacement! 

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