Life is too short to endure one more morning commute with quiet car speakers .


Component Speakers and Component Speaker Systems elevate your listening experience with separate, dedicated drivers, like tweeters, midwoofers, and crossovers. They improve the sound quality of your car audio system and are easily fine tuned for your build and listening preferences.


Music is polyphonic- the melody and the vocals are carried out in the highest range with the rhythm at the lowest frequencies. Tinny stock car speakers can be easily overwhelmed by a quality subwoofer. Don’t your mid range speakers deserve the same attention and quality of materials as your subwoofer?

While your new car may be fun to drive, the manufacturer’s attention to detail under the hood and the car stereo are not applied equally. Auto manufacturers design car stereo systems to include coaxials intended for cost- Not for sound quality or loudness. 

You won’t settle for anything less than an ideal listening experience, so why settle for anything less than the best in your car? Loud music gets you going when your body and mind are fatigued; it can help energize, excite you and get you into what you’re doing with a pulse you can feel.

Music makes you feel good!  It translates into fun and happy memories. Every time you hear that sound again, it conjures up those feelings again. It can change your world; regardless of the mood and context, tunes enhance what we are feeling. 

When you install your new SoundQubed component speaker system, you’ll experience a system that makes your adrenaline rise in time with the rhythm of your favorite songs.

Enter SoundQubed component speaker and component speaker sets.

Component speaker sets play across the full frequency range, from high frequencies to midrange tones from multiple drivers, and include a separate woofer, tweeter, and crossover. This creates a fuller, clearer sound. Because the tweeter is separate, you can install it where it will deliver sound more directly to the listener. You'll often see tweeters installed in the dash or A pillars (closer to your ears).

Component systems are capable of accurately recreating and also separating different frequency ranges across the audible spectrum, as well as sound imaging. Stereo sound imaging is a critical aspect of sound reproduction that assures a faithful and high quality stereo experience from your car audio system.

Component speakers deliver a more realistic stereo experience than coaxial speaker can provide. The woofers are able to play bass notes with greater precision and power, while the tweeters deliver an optimized frequency range of highs, cymbals and vocals. 

If you’re planning on modifying and customizing your car, component systems are the way to go for higher quality sound. Their advanced and modular design allow you the freedom to install the drivers where you’d like (and where they sound the best!)  If you want great sound from your factory stereo or if you would like to upgrade your cars aftermarket sound system for something with more presence, clarity, and range, find the right SoundQubed component speakers for your stereo system today. 

You will hear the difference.