Amplifier Wiring Kit

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Kit includes a 17-foot power cable (green), a 3-foot ground cable (black), a 17-foot speaker wire, a 17-foot remote turn on wire, a 17-foot OFC RCA cable, a 2-foot wire loom, fuse block, zip ties, firewall grommet, rubber crimp sheaths, and golf plated eyelets.

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The SQ-AK-4 4AWG and SQ-AK-0 1/0 amplifier kits are the Piece De Resistance to finish your SoundQubed build. These kits come with TruGauge wire wrapped in our translucent Q-Flex insulator and include 17 feet of Q-Flex power cable in either 4 or 1/0 AWG, with 17 feet of either 10 or 12 gauge speaker wire and 3 feet of ground cable in 4 or 0/1 AWG. 


An included 17 foot remote turn on wire and 17 foot braided Oxygen Free Copper RCA Cable deliver steady power and a clean audio signal from your amplifier to your new SoundQubed Tweeters, Coaxials, Components, and Subwoofers. To help keep your wires in working order for years to come, your new Amp Wiring Kit includes either a 2 foot or 3 foot Wire Loom. 


A 100 Amp or 250 Amp fuse will come with your kit, as well as a Hire Current ANL Fuse Holder and all the necessary accessories like zip ties, grommet, rubber crimp sheaths and gold plated eyelets. TrueGaugewire represents a thickness at or above 0.2043 inches for the 4 Gauge Kit and 0.325 inches for the 1/0 Gauge Kit.


 The 4 Gauge Kits was specifically designed with high power in mind. Coupled our Q1-1200.2, Q4-150 or any amplifier up to 2,000W this kit will make your install complete!


The 0/1 Gauge Kit was specifically designed with flexibility in mind. Coupled with our Q1-2200 or Q1-4500 this kit will make your install complete!