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(Speaker wire) size matters

The signal coming from your car stereo amplifier needs the lowest resistance possible to deliver a clean, powered signal to your speakers and subwoofers. Similar to power and ground wire, the longer a speaker wire run is, the greater the electrical resistance will be and the larger speaker wire size you should use. 

For tweeters, coaxial speakers, and component speakers, 16 gauge cca cable wiring will reliably deliver a clean and balanced signal. 12 gauge wire should be used for subwoofers, as they have greater power needs.

Our Q-Wire comes in 50 foot spools in your choice of 16 and 12 gauge wire. SoundQubed Q-Wire is specially designed for high-end audio applications, providing you and your system with a crystal clear, distortion-free sound. Wire your system with ease and in phase with our color coded wire Black for Negative and Green for Positive. 

Q-Wire is great for installing your new QX-652’s to your Q4-90, wiring up relays, toggle switches, or wiring your new in-wall speakers in your home theater or a mountain of HDX4’s. Q-Wire features high quality Copper Clad Aluminum Wire wrapped inSoundQubed’s own Q-Flex insulator. It is flexible and easy to manipulate through the smallest of areas making it perfect for use in a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re installing new SoundQubed speakers and subwoofers in your car audio system or a new speaker system for your home audio needs, SoundQubed Q-Flex speaker cables