The VM-1 voltmeter allows you to monitor the dc voltage of your audio system or vehicle battery. The meter gives you a visual sign of voltage changes that could damage your audio components.

Choose a Mounting Location

Your mounting location should:

  • Be visible when you're in your normal seated driving position.

  • Leave a clear your view of the road and your vehicle’s gauges.

  • Allows you to secure wires away from the vehicle’s controls to avoid any hazards while driving.

Option 1: Mark screw locations using the included adhesive pad as a template. Secure the VM-1 with screws using the (2) mounting holes located under the front cover.

Option 2: Use the included double-sided adhesive pad. Clean the back surface of the VM-1 with rubbing alcohol. Wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. Peel away the outer protective layer from one side of the adhesive pad and place it on the VM-1. Clean and dry the mounting location. Align and adhere the VM-1 to the mounting location.

Option 3: Flush mount your SQ VM-1. This advanced option involves permanently modifying the mounting location. You will need to cut an opening in an interior panel to accommodate the backlit LCD display. Depending on the look and available space, you can secure the VM-1 however you would like. Be sure you can still reach the adjustment screw to calibrate the meter.

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Wiring the VM-1

We recommend wiring the VM-1 directly to your car audio amplifier. To monitor battery voltage, you can wire to the battery.

The meter uses three wires. 

  • Red is the 12V Constant wire. 

  • Black is the 12V Ground wire.

  • Blue is the 12V trigger wire to operate.

Wiring to the amplifier. Connect the red wire to the positive input on your amplifier. The black wire should connect to the ground terminal, and the blue wire should connect to the remote on.

Wiring to the battery/stereo harness. Connect the red wire to the positive battery terminal. Next connect the black wire to the negative terminal. Finally, connect the blue wire to your remote turn on wire behind the dash (usually blue). The VM-1 should turn on with accessory power. For direct connection to the stereo harness, first find your vehicles harness specifications. Locate the positive, negative, and remote (accessory) wires.

NOTE: If you connect the blue wire directly to your battery, it will stay on all the time!

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Calibrating the VM-1 (required step)

After you’ve installed the VM-1, read the dc voltage at your amplifier or battery using a digital multimeter. Remove the VM-1 front cover. Next, use a small screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw located above the LCD display under the front cover to match the reading from your Digital Multimeter.

Use a screwdriver to turn the yellow adjustment screw until the meter matches your reading of your vehicle’s voltage. Clockwise decreases the voltage. Counter clockwise increases the voltage.